Embrace uncertainty

There are people who are uncomfortable with uncertainty. They prefer to gather all information about something before they decide to act. They are the people who are always talking about eliminating risk, constantly making sure everyone is aligned, making detailed plans before acting - plans that are driven by deadlines and things to do. They require the future to be predictable.

People uncomfortable with uncertainty aren't too keen on failing, because when they fail, they fail big. They fail downwards, with a high likelihood of not having learnt much from the failure.

There are people who are comfortable with uncertainty. They prefer to act on some information, rather than wait until they have everything. These are people who are more willing to risk taking on something that they don't fully understand. They prefer to manage risk rather than fight to eliminate it. People comfortable with uncertainty don't mind failure - they expect it, and expect to learn from it. They make plans that work backwards from problems to solve, rather than dates to finish things by.

They accept uncertain futures. They are willing to take risks to push the now towards the future they imagine - a future that has one less problem; the one they are working to solve right now.