A short rant on telugu movies

Telugu movies have been around for almost a hundred years now. Yet, in all this time, there have been barely a dozen directors, fewer than 5 screenwriters, and one songwriter who've all been women.

This is an industry that is obsessed with making movies where the biggest motif is women falling in love with infallible, in-your-face, over-the-top masculinity, and singing away about how infallible and in-your-face and hopelessly adorably addictive and charming the masculinity is.

Considering how many songs the average Telugu movie has, that's a lot of songs about how women perceive stereotypical heroes. And considering how movies and music are an integral part of growing up in India (people literally worship movies), that's a lot of men writing about how women think about the world around them. And a lot more future screenwriters, directors, and songwriters learning about how women think, from generations of older men.

Is it any surprise then, that most storytelling innovations in this space are about more creative ways to get away with misogyny and abusing women, and hordes of people jumping on rooftops to defend this perspective?